Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly

Learning To Fly!

Learning about being an entrepreneur from my life in the circus!

My beloved brother is a circus arts trainer (yep, that’s him in the photo above… more photos of him below). His love affair with the circus – not the mistreatment of animals or the creepy clowns who honk their nose and brag about their strangely large feet – is infectious. I vicariously live through his magical adventures under the towering tents and twinkling lights. And I am so proud of his hard work and commitment to doing things that seem impossible.

Since my twins were born, my life has also become a circus! Under my Big Top is crazy, unexpected, chaos… filled with a wild range of emotions. It is filled with some odd characters and I can go from laughing hysterically to holding my breath in fear.. in just a matter of moments. It is full of excitement and tiresome work to pull of an inspiring performance night after night. But beyond all the sparkles, wonder and magic, the circus has given me some wonderful wisdom about being a Mompreneur. Thought I’d share:


My days as The Ringmaster

justamompreneur.com-blog-circus1Recently I found an old journal of mine. The first entry was dated April 8, 2011… and little did I know that I was going to become the ringmaster three days later when my twins were born.

Just as the ringmaster is the host of the circus, introducing the various acts, so became my role. All of a sudden, every time someone called, it was to talk about “the act!” Every time someone stopped by, it was to see “the act!” Every time I left the house, everyone wanted a glimpse of “the act!” And every conversation seemed to be about “the act!”

In my early years as an entrepreneur, I was unknowingly the ringmaster, gathering an audience and introducing my products… as the act! I hosted home parties and stood in front of my audience and began, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls….” I used elaborate stories to paint pictures and dramatic language and big gestures to illustrate my act’s features, benefits, and value.

Some of the audience enjoyed my act, but it was those who did NOT who got more of my attention. I was doing everything I was taught to do… gather an audience, recite my script, and wait for the applause? Easier said than done, I thought!


My days as The Lion Tamer

13895255_10207264119144453_898732746319850304_nAs my kids developed, I became the lion tamer, because raising twin toddlers is a dangerous activity! Suddenly life was chaotic and fearful. I was spinning my wheels constantly trying to keep them safe while taming their primitive and instinctual behaviors. And I was always in problem solving mode, trying to understand their every want and need with every shriek, wail and cry. Their demands became incessant and because I desperately wanted to be a good mom, I was constantly giving in. As a newbie Mom… my lions were taming me!

As an entrepreneur, my fear and desperation was evident by my obsessive need to control the outcome. When I didn’t start seeing the results I wanted I felt like I needed my whip to force people to buy my products. I was pitchy, pushy, and annoying. And I had only one agenda…to get the sale! When I didn’t make the sale, I began doubting my abilities to be a successful entrepreneur.

But I was missing a piece of the puzzle! I was consumed with trying to master my technique… how high to hold the chair, how hard to crack the whip, and how loud to yell the commands! But in order to tame a lion, you’d better be certain about how that lion will respond!

“People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy!” ~ Just A. Mompreneur

So I stopped pitching and being so forceful. I needed to increase my value and my skill-sets in a big way, so I dove into understanding people and the buying cycle of consumers.

I had 2 choices: to keep chasing people for a sale or to learn how to build a real online business. CLICK HERE to learn my formula to building an online business fast and easy!


My days as the Juggler

By nature, the business of raising children is chaotic, overwhelming, and exhausting! You believe you are destined to live in a perpetually messy house with jelly hand prints all over the walls and piles of dirty laundry all over the floor. Destined to wear ratty sweats every day with the dark circles under your eyes as the only “make-up” on your face.

There is no down time and no vacation from raising children. You cannot take a break from your calling as a mother. Rather, you created a team of little rascals working to undo all of your hard work. They take folded laundry and dump it out. They pull all your make-up out of a drawer you just organized. They spill juice on a freshly cleaned carpet. They draw with marker on newly painted walls. Yes, I know these scenarios all too well.

But I was living intentionally in my chaotic circus, or so I thought! I had embraced the first law of online business… Attraction Marketing. To attract customers to me by adding value, providing solutions, serving my target market, I was “demonstrating my value” on every social media channel, I was attending every local network meeting, and I was prospecting my ass off! All in an effort to attract more sales. Until one day, a long time friend of mine asked me, “What exactly do you do?” It was apparent to me that if he couldn’t tell, chances are neither could anyone else. I was doing too much and confusing my audience.

I was intensely frustrated and felt as though all my effort was futile. I had spread myself so thin trying everything, instead of focusing on mastering 1-2 strategies at a time. I was anxious, stressed, and burnt out and I had no clear plan for promoting my business. I was ready to quit!


My days as a Tightrope Walker

I needed to find balance among all the chaos… and fast! It was my last stitch effort before throwing in the towel as an entrepreneur for good! But how?

My first step, was to resign from “juggling” my work, my children, and my marriage! Being in constant motion was distracting me from the real reason I wanted to become a Mompreneur in the first place. So I paused!

I learned how to breathe deeply. I learned how to think effectively. I re-evaluated my values and priorities and during my pause, I got back to what was most important.. ME (my brand!)

Then I sought after a better system for success… something that would save me time, energy, and money! CLICK HERE to learn about my system for success. What were successful people in my industry doing, I wondered and I asked! I learned and learned and learned some more.

Then I developed a very strategic detailed plan.

Still challenged- but more confident and calm, I once again began to move. I stepped out on that high-wire… afraid to look down, afraid to lean too far to one side or the other, worried if I would make it to the other side. But I kept moving… steadily. And every day, though I was afraid, I would put one foot in front of the other, until finally I could see the other side!


Today, I am a Trapeze Artist!

When it’s a choice between where you are and where you want to be, standing at that seemingly impossible junction… you can make a radical choice. You can learn to fly!

I stopped trying to be a super-mom in my own strength. I stopped doubting my potential. I stopped trying to be perfect!

I learned the system. I have implemented the plan. I am committed to the process… And I have let go!

I have built an incredible net. A community of people who support, encourage, teach, and ultimately will catch me when I fall. So with a lighter load, I look up… spread my arms… and enjoy the breeze through my hair!

I am learning how to fly!

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