A journey of a thousand miles begins with a SINGLE step ~LaoTzu

I'm justaMOMpreneur!

Let’s break it down…

That means I am JUST a marketer, administrator, leader, action-taker, salesperson, accountant, visionary, tech support, opportunity seeker, director, idea generator, human resources, problem solver, dreamer, public relations, decision-maker, manager, hustler, and advisor.   It also means I am JUST an alarm clock, cook, housekeeper, waitress, teacher, nurse, referee, repairman, security officer, photographer, fashion stylist, counselor, chauffeur, event planner, coach, zookeeper, hairdresser, personal assistant, correctional officer, ATM machine and I scare away the boogie man. I don’t get paid holidays, sick pay or days off. I work DAY and NIGHT. I am on call 24/7! I’m just a Mompreneur who felt convicted to go against what was considered the norm. I’m just a Mompreneur who has finally stopped caring about what others think and more about what her Spirit guides her to do.   I’m just a Mompreneur that found an extra ounce of energy to push harder each time she felt like giving up, and has let her faith be much bigger than her fear. I’m just a Mompreneur who is a work in progress, trying to use each and every mistake to only better herself not only as a wife and mother…but as a human being. I’m just a Mompreneur who is continuing to fight what some think is an unrealistic battle; a battle for every working parent in our country to have a fighting chance to experience the most important thing in this world with their children… Time.   Yes, I’m just a Mompreneur who has given herself no choice but to fail her way to success; going a little further even when her fuel tank was empty. …and I’m just a Mompreneur who believes one day we’ll get to say, we believed we could…and we did. I’m one of the lucky ones! What a glorious career!

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