Breaking Rules Will Make You Succeed Faster


I happen to think of myself as somewhat of a rebel! A rule breaker, of sorts! But I recently realized that this side of me only emerges when I am managing my business.

Truthfully…I have a lot of rules in my home! Any self-respecting control freak and recovering perfectionist does!

But these days the rules in my home involves nose-picking, gas-passing, and crotch-grabbing! As a slight hypochondriac germaphobe, who walks around with baby wipes and sanitizer everywhere, my 5 year old twins have been testing my gross-ness capacity! More times than I can bear to admit, I peer in my rear view mirror to see a unsuspecting finger slip from one’s nose to…gulp…oh no…clearly MY child has more sense than that…into their mouth!

I gag, I shriek and gag again! Then I sigh in defeat! My rules seem completely ineffective!

One day last week we returned home to find a box on our front porch. An unsuspecting surprise from my kids Great-Aunt. At a recent lunch, where the usual topics of gross-ness emerged, she was so amused at my kids interest in “grossology”. To stir the pot, as most relatives often do, she indulged in their interests by buying them a box of Booger Balls …”Mix ’em, pick ’em, and flick ’em for an epic battle of slimy, gross, booger battle!”

IMG_2611My kids cheered and chanted repeatedly “Booger Balls… Booger Balls… Booger Balls…” How could I compete with that?Admittedly, I couldn’t.

Feeling like my family was conspiring against my earnest effort to contribute to society, by raising “un-gross” human beings, I decided to change the rules!

As an entrepreneur, sometimes we get stuck in generally-accepted dogmas of business. We allow the rules of running our business dictate how we behave, how things are done, and how we should think as entrepreneurs. Merriam-Webster defines “entrepreneur” as “a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money.” In a broad sense, that might include every small business owner. But to me, a true entrepreneur is someone who is courageous enough to challenge the status quo and take some real risks that might result in significant rewards.

I am all about disrupting the status quo and don’t subscribe to a “one size fits all” mentality. So instead of fighting my kids one booger at a time, I decided to join them! Let the Booger battle begin…

1.”Pick” your battles! (What’s the point of publishing a blog, if you can’t include corny puns?)

IMG_2591Parenting can sometimes feel like a constant battle.

Frankly, I am tired of being the police, correctional officer, referee, judge and jury for every indecent act of grossness.  For me, the fight is over and I am minimizing the time spent in power struggles with my kids by choosing my battles.

We fight battles every day: at work, at home, even within ourselves, but do we ever think about how to most effectively pick our battles? If you learn to choose your battles wisely, you will be far more effective at winning those battles that are really important. Win the big and important battles and the let the others go; you will find people will respect you more and look to you as a true leader.


2. Don’t be a law-breaker. Be a rule-maker.

IMG_2552Adhering to society’s rules can keep us out of trouble, but it can’t guarantee us success.

Sometimes “following the rules” means holding ourselves back. It’s easy to fall into habits and stay within our comfort zone. We can still respect the rules of others, but we don’t have to make the mistake of assuming that the rules created by others function as a comprehensive plan for our own success.

It can be difficult to imagine our own success because it’s uncharted, unscripted, and completely unbound. But dare to imagine it anyways! Obedience never has been nor ever will be a substitute for creativity.

The Golden Rule from the Bible (Matt 7:12) states “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But I created a Platinum Rule that I prefer to live by, which goes one step beyond…

Be better to others than they are to you.” – Just A. Mompreneur

So don’t blindly follow someone else’s guidelines for you. Determine who you are and what you stand for and make your own rules!

3.Set realistic rules!

IMG_2608aAfter evaluating the importance of this issue and the possible consequences I am aware that there are no life-threatening consequences.

We all pick our boogers… it’s an unrealistic goal that it will NEVER happen! So my goal isn’t getting my kids to stop doing it necessarily! My goal is to get them to stop doing it in front of people! I just want them to discreetly go to the bathroom and use a tissue!

Sometimes as an entrepreneur we set goals that are so unattainable for even the most seasoned super-entrepreneurs to reach. And we spend lots of energy attempting to reach that goal, to no avail. Set up a win-win response in your brain by setting just ONE achievable goal each day. You will receive confidence from achieving your goal and it will give you the momentum and motivation you need to achieve more!

The first rule of survival is: make your own rules” – Joan Rivers

Success is the result of taking responsibility for creating what we want. It’s not a reward for playing by someone else’s rules.

Stop wasting time waiting around for someone to give us a sticker for doing all the “right” things.

We have the power to make things happen for ourselves and I give you permission to think outside of the box and make your own rules.


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