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Most Effective Way To Make Your Resolutions Stick!

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The New Year is here, ready or not!

Are you going into it the same way you came into 2016?


Are you hoping that this year will be better than last year?

For most of my life I lived the common experience of resolution making at the beginning of each year. And I failed at keeping them EVERY time!

But last year I stumbled onto a method for precisely targeting small specific actions that create a meaningful behavioral change —a microresolution. So instead of adopting the traditional self-defeating approach to resolution making and breaking, I decided to adopt a Year of Microresolutions, focusing on one new microresolution each month!

If you are overwhelmed with the “New Year” effect and frustrated with stalled willpower, crushed resolutions, and succumbing to the stronghold of your old habits then accept my Microresolution Challenge and go into 2017 with a clear solid plan that will:

  1. Develop an effective routine that will not exhaust your limited willpower.
  2. Help you triumph over your bad habits.
  3. Increase and sustain your level of personal transformation.

In this Facebook Live series I teach the systematic process of creating microresolutions that converts small gains into big wins and master the art of developing successful habits.

I’m giving you a solid plan that can spark a positive trend that leads to significant results, and here’s what’s great: it won’t take much time or willpower at all.

Even better, you don’t need to take any notes, because I have everything detailed in this incredible freebie! It is a shortcut guide to everything I share with you in these episodes, including a list of 15 Success Mantras you must incorporate into your new routine!

Get ready to hear my new amazing, no-fail-formula for achieving measurable changes in behaviors or attitudes that produces an immediate and observable benefit. 

Start mastering your success habits here! 


The Willpower Myth

Most of your day is managed by a personal autopilot that will sabotage your efforts to triumph over your bad habits. You’re programmed to reach for cookies as soon as dinner is over, skip the gym after work, and stay up late on weeknights with hardly a conscious thought. So when you pledge yourself to an ambitious New Year’s resolution that requires changing dozens of behaviors and attitudes at once, you are declaring war on autopilot, and 90 percent of the time, autopilot is going to be the winner. After a few weeks of battling autopilot 24/7, your limited willpower store will be exhausted and autopilot will mindlessly steer you back to your old routines and habits.  Sound familiar?

Willpower is not a function of character but a limited neurological resource that gives out when over-stressed.

But it is possible to succeed regularly at self-improvement by focusing precious willpower reserves on small behavioral changes with lasting impact. 

Step 1: How to succeed at self-improvement through powerful micro-actions.

Step 2: How to remember to perform your chosen micro-action. 

Step 3: How to reprogram your thoughts.

Tips to Implement Microresolutions.

If you’re ready to make this year your biggest and most rewarding year, take the first step!

Accept this mini-training and freebie as my gift to you 😉 



What do you do to be more effective and efficient?

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